5 Important Considerations To Check Before Purchasing Cat Food

Every cat owner wants that their kitty lives a healthy life free from any problems. But for this you need to ensure that she gets proper diet. You can ensure that by getting the right cat food. But what is the right cat food? With so many options available in the market it is important that you select the best one after taking a look at these important considerations:

Consider Getting Both Wet And Dry Food For Your Kitty

It is often suggested to get wet food for felines because they drink, while eating rather than drinking water separately. Ensure that there is approximately 70% moisture content in the product that you procure. Most of the canned food products for felines have more than 75% to 78% moisture content, but please scrutinize the details to be on the safer side. If you get serve 3/4th of canned food to your cat out of the complete diet it would be great for her. By serving her this food you can reduce the chances of urinary tract infections and diabetes. The remaining part needs to consist of dry food which is great for the teeth of the cat. Also ensure that your kitty has

On the Death of a Pet – Ms Kitty Kitty Left Me Today

My precious cat, my long-time best friend and companion, that I loved so dearly, died today. My heart is broken, my tears flow down my cheeks in a torrent of sadness I cannot stop, and I feel lost and muddled, so alone without Ms Kitty here with me; something is missing now I may never recover–part of me is gone.

I am not a cat person–never was until that little black Burmese just-past-kitten character appeared at my patio door one morning as I was making my coffee–cuteness personified as her mouth meowed to come in for a visit.

Ms Kitty adopted me about ten years ago and my life changed. She became my companion, my bedmate, and my loving cat–always there in sickness and in health. Keeping me company in her own unique way, making me laugh at least a thousand times with some antic or another.

There was the time I was walking past my bathroom a when I heard a noise. Who could that be in my bathroom in the dark? I wondered. She had frequently captured little geckos and brought them home to me, laying them at my feet, alive and trying to flee this monster who had caught them

How to Take Care of Your Feline

This article is going to be extremely helpful for all those who are planning to adopt a kitty. The playful kitties with adorable, cute faces are the ideal choice of pets. However, taking care of a kitty is as difficult as bringing up a child. Even though, kitties are self-sufficient unlike dogs, there are certain things that the parents needs to do for their feline daughter or son.

Here, are some tips that every new fur parent needs to take care of while parenting a feline.

1. Regular medical checkups

You should see a vet as soon as you adopt a kitty. Along with the vaccinations that are recommended initially, regular health checkups are a must. Don’t ignore the sickness of cats. A small problem can result into a big one in the future. The domestic kitties fall sick very easily, so, you can even get a health insurance for her.

2. Train your cat

Kitties have some peculiar inbuilt habits. They are natural predators and hunting comes naturally to them. Moreover, they get angry and irritated very easily. Train them for good habits. You can even hire a trainer for this. Discourage her hunting habits and aggressive nature, right from the very beginning. Litter

Do Cats Get Bored?

When I first adopted Priscilla, she was 12 weeks old. She was very small and sweet. She fit into my handbag and that was what I took her home in. With just her head sticking out so she could breathe, I thought she was this little bundle of joy. And for the most part, she was.

Prissy, as I call her, was not properly weaned from her mother’s milk so when I took her home, she didn’t know how to eat or drink. I gave her some kitten milk through a straw. I also had to feed her by placing food in my hand, putting Prissy on my lap, and giving her one piece at a time.

Within a couple of hours, she was eating on her own. She could also drink by herself.

She was the usual playful kitten but because she was so young and small, she tired easily. One day while playing with my finger, she fell asleep right in the middle of playtime. She slept on my chest for the next few hours.

My older cat, Pooka, taught her how to clean herself and use the litter box. Pooka treated Prissy as though she was her own kitten from the

Are You Ready for A Pet Cat? Question You Need to Ask Yourself

Cats are insanely beautiful companions; these little meow machines make your world all the prettier and meaningful with the things that they do. On some days they make seem like a havoc machine in the house, knocking the cans down and jumping from one shore to the another, but if you own one you’ll understand the happiness they bring in your life. However, if you’re planning to pet one, you need to know a few things about them.

Ask yourself the following questions so you can be sure whether or not you’re ready to own a cat and keep it healthy and happy beside managing your routine jobs.

Why do I need a pet cat?

You can have a plenty of reasons to pet a cat, but it’s important to find the right reasons. The love and companionship of a cat will surely fill your life with a lot of happiness but at the same time, their mood swings might not be welcome. If you’re buying one because you’re looking for a companion to share your love with, then believe me you’re doing the perfect thing. But, if you’re petting one because your 6-year-old child wants it and you’re sure that you’ll not

Is Your Cat in Pain? Recognize These Signs & Symptoms!

From jumping to and from the bed to smashing the wall hangings on the floor, cats have done it all. They’re the most happening thing in your house, keeping you busy all the time.

If you’re a cat owner, you’ll probably relate to what I just mentioned about them, but what you’re most like to ignore is a cat’s sickness. I’m not judgemental about your relation with the cat, but this is the most common scenario. Since it is in the nature of a cat to hide pain, it becomes difficult or impossible to understand when a cat needs attention. However, before you start making conclusions about your cat, you need to understand these points mentioned below.

#1. Why cats hide their pain

Cats are hunters by nature, and their tendency to disguise discomfort is an evolutionary holdover from their days in the wild where injury or illness paints a target on their back to nearby predators. The appearance of weakness would make a cat vulnerable or put her in danger of being bullied or abandoned by her group. Even though domestic cats have nothing to worry about becoming prey, they may still view other pets in the house or even other people

Enhancing Feline Love – 3 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

Let’s start with the fact- A majority of cats are more than happy to stay aloof and DO NOT seek your attention, but there are still some breeds that love a good snuggle by their owners.

Having said that, I’d like to give you little information- if your kitty doesn’t enjoy your cuddles it doesn’t mean she isn’t appreciative of your love. When I say that I only mean to remind you that “any cat of any breed can have a special relationship with their person or family, or they might not even consider showing any signs of love – they’re just as diverse in personality and behavior as we humans are.”

For those who’re willing to shower their love on these adorable fur balls can be the owners of cats from the following three breeds. The strains have been classified on the basis of their relationship with the owners and love for them.

1. Scottish Fold/Scottish Straight – Snuggled with a stuffed toy? That’s how they feel. These totally snuggly cats either come with folded or upright ears variety. The Scottish breed is extremely friendly, and most of them will even allow kids to dress them up in doll clothes without getting